Historical black and white photo of 5 Hamilton steelworkers is long trench coats, fedora hats and protective round "sunglasses" pouring molten metal in an industrial setting, with the number 36 visible on equipment, highlighting the steel-making process.


Hamilton. Yeah, we’re from Hamilton. That Steeltown with all the smog, fog, & gambling. It’s rough & rugged, but she shines still, like a hidden gem. We’re all about transformation—it’s always been in our DNA, readymade. That’s where RUBBERBAND SOVEREIGN GOLF (RSG) enters the fray—resilient luxury, embodying grit & refinement at every step of your journey, a way of life under the influence of history. Our look? Aesthetic armored with courage, ambition, excellence, & grace.

We’re just trying to come with it, ya know? Black, white, & all over. We can see it, really see it, and it looks right…so, let’s see where it goes.

But, what is RUBBERBAND SOVEREIGN? It’s open to interpretation, like most things. We’re a Canadian fashion mill bridging urban sophistication with golf’s royal & ancient traditions. It’s not necessarily something you need. It’s an outside thing, a new thing. We’re trying to be a mark of distinction, to be that symbol, ya know, like in the sky, like Batman. Ha! We’re from a small-town champion city, an industrial mighty city…yet people still talk down on it. But that just fuels us to make something & to do something about it, to show them a seed can grow here, still. People said we couldn’t; people say we can’t. But RSG is about that action, & all we’re trying to do is make something to hold & give back. It’s not that complex.

Nobody needs another hat. We all got enough stuff. But that’s not how this works. We’re a new brand…and we got something to say, nahmean? So, we’re doing it through what we represent, both physical & in the mental. Simple.

Finally, a portion of our proceeds goes to emergency homeless shelters. We wish to show our full intentions by supporting & giving back to the community in which we play.

We invite you to join us at the intersection of golf and life, where design extends beyond sport and meets meaningful action.